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Hi! I'm Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography. I believe there is a reason you landed here. I tend to draw in some of the most creative couples.
People feel comfortable with me. On your wedding day you will feel calm as I capture YOU being yourself!

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It's not about megapixels! Why more megapixels won't make you happy.

Almost every wedding a guest will come up to us and want to know how many megapixels our cameras are. Megapixels are one of the least important things to consider when buying a camera. That's right. Photographers like to use megapixels for bragging rights. Here is a list of features on a camera that are more important than megapixels.
  1. Lens Quality
  2. Noise performance under low light (Critical for wedding photographers)
  3. Lens Resolution (This is the quality of the pixels measured in Lines)
  4. Color Accuracy (You don't want green faces do you?)
  5. Autofocus Speed (Who cares if you have a 25 megapixel camera when your images are out of focus)
  6. Dynamic Range (Can the camera show the white and black of a tux?)
  7. Startup Speed (You can't take a photo until your camera starts up!)
To find out this information visit the camera tests on each these sites http://www.dpreview.com and http://www.popphoto.com

Right now you are probably scratching your head. You've seen all these articles on the internet saying how I need to buy atleast a 7 megapixel camera to be happy with 8x10 prints. Wrong! Thats what clever marketers and camera companies want you to think because it make their job easier. Megapixels are measurable where as noise performance is harder to measure.

In 2001, I was using a Nikon 995 (3 megapixel camera) for taking photos for advertising purposes. These photos would be used full size (7 1/2 x11) on the covers of store circulars and they looked great. For the store sales I print posters from the 3 megapixel images at either 24"x36" or 36"x48".

So next time you are interested in buying a camera - don't look at the megapixels on the camera. Investigate how the camera does in low light, how fast the autofocus works and long the camera takes to start up. I guarantee you will be much happier if you buy a camera based on those factors.

For all you camera fanatics out there we use Nikon D300 & Fuji S5pro cameras with the following lenses Nikon 70-200mm VR 2.8, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 10.5mm 2.8, 18-50mm 2.8 and 18-200mm VR. Just don't ask us how many megapixels.

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