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Monday Fast Tips for Brides #8 - Starving Artists

You may or may not know this but the photographer, dj, videographer and wedding planner that you've invited to your wedding may being eating a $90 sandwich! That's right - some venues give vendors a club sandwich when you've paid for a lobster tail. Being hired by the bride and groom we just want to work as hard as we can for the bride and the groom. The biggest complaint of photographers and videographers is that they want to feed the vendors when the Bride and Groom want to cut the cake, in another room. There are a few things that Brides and Grooms can do to help us in that regard. Check with your venue on these details:

1. Can the photographer, videographer & dj sit in the same room during the meal so they are accessible to the bride and groom?
2. Can you feed the photographer, videographer and DJ before the guests so they are ready to take photos of the cake cutting?
3. Will the vendors be given the food I'm paying for or will they be given a club sandwich?

If you want to read more information about this subject check out wedpix magazine's post on this subject at http://www.wedpix.com/articles/003/how-to-starve-your-wedding-photographer-a-field-guide/

Now let me give some props:

Drexelbrook Catering in Drexel Hill
This place sits us in photo snapping range of the bride and groom. They provide a wonderful meal and keep the reception working like clockwork.

Ballroom at the Ben
Can you possibly get any classier in Philadelphia? Vendors are in the same room ready at a moment's notice.

Dan & Paola
A wonderful couple from our 2007 season who requested that we be seated in the same room after we were seated in the hallway.

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Italianissima said...

Had I known they were going to put you out there to begin with I would have nixed it ahead of time...sorry!!!