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Hi! I'm Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography. I believe there is a reason you landed here. I tend to draw in some of the most creative couples.
People feel comfortable with me. On your wedding day you will feel calm as I capture YOU being yourself!

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Customer Service

Brooke & Karin Engagement Session 2007
Getting Married March 15, 2008

We're done booking for 2008! We've met our goal and now we're stopping so that we can focus on our brides and grooms.

What this means for our current Brides and Grooms (2008 wedding)
* You get more focused attention. Faster email responses.
* Focus on customer service.
* We will be attending some photography workshops to sharpen our skills.

What this means for other work (Trash the Dress & Engagement Sessions)
* No need to fear. We still we be doing Trash the Dress, Engagement Sessions & Family Photo sessions. Call us at 610.539.6920 to book a session.

What this means for 2009 Brides and Grooms
* Start booking your weddings now, while slots are still open.

the fine print
Brides & Grooms we haven't booked yet (2008 wedding)
* If we sent you prices or you've met with us, we'll leave the window of opportunity open for a few more days. Please contact us immediately.
* If you were referred by a 2006 or 2007 client of Allebach Photography contact us at 610.539.6920 and we may be able to work with you or find your a qualified wedding photographer.

International Wedding Photography (2008 weddings)
* We are allowing 3 more slots open at special international wedding photography rates (email us for rates). Wedding must occur outside of Pennsylvania. We are looking to book 3 weddings in locations such as Antigua, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, St. Croix, St. Lucia, and St. Thomas.

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