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Brooke & Karin: Aldie Mansion, Doylestown

A picture perfect sunny & 65 degree day in Bucks County set the perfect backdrop for a beautiful Doylestown wedding....

Excuse the lame attempt at poetic blabbery - it is 12:30am. Here's the truth. Brooke & Karin are great people. I've known them for a few years now. I will even go as far as to say I am 2% of the reason they are together (they first talked at length in a Art Program called Engage I hosted). Karin is an incredible artist and owner of a furniture and Home Decor shop called the Shabby Attic . Brooke is a father, musician and all around genius.

Rachel (the better half of Allebach Photography) and Suzanne had the pleasure of capturing Brooke & Karin's day at the picturesque Aldie Mansion in Bucks County.

Take a look:
( be sure to click on the photos to see them bigger)

Bucks County Wedding
Getting Ready

Doylestown Wedding
Are we ready?

Doylestown, Pa Wedding Photography
Down the Isle

Bucks County, Pa Wedding Photographer
The Kiss

Bucks County Wedding
They are....So Happy

You really need to click on this photo. It's classic.

Wedding Cake Photography
Have Cake. Eat it too.

Married Couple Photo
The stars of the show.

Dancing Couple
Seeing stars.

Centerpieces Doylestown, Pa
Hands down my favorite center pieces ever! They look like a million bucks.


Mark Brooke Photography said...

Your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

I googled tree centerpieces because I love them, and I'm so amazed that this popped up because I'm getting married at Aldie in Doylestown! Crazy. But those centerpieces are fantastic! (As are your photos!) Could you tell me--who was the florist?