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Just Words

I am an avid reader of Jesh de Rox, a Canadian wedding photographer and philosopher. I just have to share a piece of what he wrote yesterday:

"how much is an almost i love you worth?

i think sometimes we spend so much time in our mind that it becomes easy to confuse the almosts with the real. we see it so clearly behind the closed doors of our thoughts that we forget no one else can see it.

when i say real, let's say i mean something that has crossed that invisible line of mind and entered the shared world. using that definition, it becomes apparent that what we have inside of us doesn't become real/actualized until we give it away/let go of it/share it....i have a dear friend who tells me that for many years she has felt a certain loneliness,that she has waited a long time to find a friend that would finally match up to her requirements and bring her fulfillment.

to her and to all of us who are her sometimes, i say this:

become the friend you have been waiting for

you are your own garden, the seeds, the planter and the fruit,

this is what life is, go make it.

much love and many blessings to you my beautiful friends, may you find love in the many hidden corners of yourself,

and may you be brave enough to give it away
- jesh de rox

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