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Monday Fast Tips for Brides #19 - Let Go

Let's face it. At your wedding something can and will go wrong. It's up to you how you will react. We understand that you've put 27 years of dreams into one day and it's here. When the day comes, Let Go. Take one big breath and smile because you're getting married!

Here is why I can say that. Our wedding had these events
  • Hurricane hits Rivera Maya. Let's clarify a category 5 hurricane (the strongest ever recorded) hits honeymoon resort. And I didn't pay for travel insurance!
  • Rachel finds that hairdresser is running late.
  • I get call that limo is running late.
  • Best man gets in small car accident on way to church ....WITH GROOM (thats me). I forgive him. It's only a scratch.
  • My zipper. Did they forget to give me a working zipper on my tux pants???
  • Call pastor..."can you postpone wedding by 30 minutes? The limo isn't here yet."
  • "What do you mean the caterer didn't show up? Did you call him?"
  • "The Caterer is in New Jersey visiting his mother and totally forgot."
  • "How can a caterer forget?"
  • Best man trying to redeem himself for slightly rear ending my Scion TC leaves nasty messages on Caterers home phone, cell phone, and work phone.
  • Wedding begins 30 minutes late
  • Caterer shows up 2 hours late with no food.
end notes:
Our wedding was beautiful and we walked out to Frou Frou's Let Go. And that we did. I found out weeks later that my wedding was catered by a local upscale supermarket and not our caterer. Someone at the wedding put in an order for food similar to what we had originally ordered. Within 1 1/2 hours the supermarket provided food for 150 people. We still had the jumbo shrimp and the chicken. The caterer, an executive chef for a local drug company, quit his side catering business after this wedding. Our honeymoon got diverted to the Dominican Republic thanks to our wonderful AAA travel agent. And about a year later my Scion TC was hit by a driver who lost control of her Jeep Liberty causing $9,000 worth of damage and soon after it got fixed I traded it for a family car.

Don't sweat the small stuff at your wedding. Just laugh, let go and know that in 2 years it will make a great story.

The end.