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Adventure Aquarium - Family Day Out

Rachel and I had talked about going to Adventure Aquarium in Camden for a while now - we've also been hearing a bunch about weddings at Adventure Aquarium. Anyway we finally made a day of it. We took Elijah to see the sharks with his sharkdo (just like the ad). He could have cared less about the sharks. He loved watching the hippopotamus and the penguins. I bet if we let him he would have watched the penguins for an hour.

Adventure Aquarium Turtle
Turtle by Rachel Allebach

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ
Fish by Rachel Allebach

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ
Elijah is tough compared to Penguins

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ
Elijah is funny

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ
What's going on here?

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ
Camden Hippo Holga Style

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ

Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ
Daddy will that shark eat us?

Now for the review of Adventure Aquarium. 1 1/2 Stars out of 5. Why you ask. Because Adventure Aquarium is not stroller friendly, it's cramped, claustrophobic and there were too many people. I had to stand in line for 25 minutes for tickets. On the plus side, I loved the hippopotamus exibit. Now if you are considering a wedding at the Adventure Aquarium, none of these things apply to you, the Aquarium is beautiful place, and you won't have to buy tickets or fight the crowds since they are located in a different area.

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Anonymous said...

Elijah is sooooo funny.