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New Jersey Beach Wedding - Mike & Sherry

You may have noticed the lack of wedding photos being posted on a wedding photography site. That has been purposeful, I wanted to save wedding photos for the off season. So here is one of many posts to come with actual real weddings (not engagements, senior photo session, photos of dogs)!

Mike & Sherry had an amazing engagement session in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, so I was excited for their beach wedding. The rain came and it came down hard, so all hopes for an outdoor beach wedding washed away but I was glad to see that the hotel had a beautiful room setup for the indoor wedding.

Mike and Sherry decided to see each other before the wedding (first look). And we were happy to use the beach setting as a backdrop for their "first look". Despite the setbacks of the wedding day (rain), this was still one of my best weddings this year.

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New Jersey Wedding Photographer

New Jersey Wedding Photography

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New Jersey Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photography

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PS. You'll notice that my obsession with 30s style bride portraiture is starting in a few of these photos - just wait until you see what is in store for 2009!


Portland Wedding Photographer said...

These are some great shots guys. Well done. I like your blog and your style. I'll be back for updates.


Krista said...

A lot of photographers can take amazing pictures when they have amazing circumstances, but it's a rare few who can make amazing images when everything doesn't go as planned. Wonderful images! I love your style!

Nj Wedding Limousine said...

photography is the very important part of wedding. i think every wedding couple want to make a good pictures of their wedding. i feel from your photo, that you are good photographer.

Nj Wedding Limousine said...

yea no words about this great shots. photographer is very talented. wedding is the special day for groom and bride.