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Orbis Ring Flash Review

Orbis Ring Flash Photo

In the 90s "ring flashes" or ring lights were the rage for fashion photography; then they went away for a few years and now they are back with photographers like Jill Greenberg. Ring flashes evenly light a subject in an almost 3D shadowless light. The problem is they are expensive for the most part ($2000-$4000) and who has that kind of money to throw around.

So this new company called Orbis came up with a Ring Flash adapter that goes on top of my regular flash and costs less than $200. So I thought I'd try it out and write a mini review.

The Good:

1. Beautiful ring light a distances of 10 feet or less.
2. The ring flash looks professional.
3. The ring flash seems well made.

The Bad:
1. You have to hold the Ring Flash Bracket in one hand and the camera in the other. This is really hard to do if you are trying to manually focus.
2. No camera bracket. See #1 if this is unclear. (UPDATE: GET THE ARM HERE)
3. It seems a little loose on my SB800.

The Photos:
You see here a few snap shots I grabbed of Elijah, my son, with the new Orbis ring light.
Orbis Ring Flash

(3 Stars/5)

If you are looking for an easy solution to light macro images or on the go ring flash without all the hastle of a ring light that uses a powerpack (profoto or alien bee) this could be the solution for you. If you for some reason shoot a 50mm 1.2 manual focus Nikon lens, you will need to grow a third arm to focus the lens (I couldn't so I switched to an autofocus 35mm lens) and thus my major annoyance with this device.

This probably will be a hit in the wedding photography market. I'm sure that I will have a lot of fun with it in the months to come. Hopefully the company will release a free bracket and I will change my review to 4 1/2 out of 5 stars (can ya send me one!)

But I do have my doubts of Jill Greenberg ever using this device.

If you recently bought this ring flash adapter feel free to leave comments below on what you think.

Edit: View some engagement photos taken with the orbis ring flash (scroll halfway down post)
link with real life engagement photos:
More Orbis Ring Flash Photos:

Buy the orbis ring flash below.

Or rent a real ringflash from the place we rent from:
lens rental


strobemonkey said...

Thanks for the review. I'm debating between this new Orbis against the Rayflash.

Looking at the boy's eyes, the catchlights look like the the amount of light is not equal around the circumference of the Orbis.

Do you know how much light it eats?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

While they claim a bracket is in the works, someone on the Orbis flickr group produced a DIY bracket that looks simple and cheap enough for average folks to put together.

See The Flickr Page Here

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers said...

Thanks for link! I'll check out the bracket. As for the light that it eats I have not tested how much it eats. It does not work very well outside in the sun though.