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Flappers, 1920s, 2009 and Beyond

I decided to bump our most popular post to the top of the blog!  This one is an oldie but a goodie from January 2009.  Tattooed Flappers.

Somehow I became obsessed with the idea of Tattooed Brides, 1920s - 1940s fashion and thought I'd mix it all together. We were fortunate enough to be able to shoot photos at the wonderful Stotesbury Mansion (also known as the Philo or the Philo Literacy Institute) on 19th and Walnut in Philadelphia. This place looks like you've literally stepped back into 1920 - amazing! (oh yeah and you can host a small wedding here)

So in my crazy mixture of ideas we shot flappers, that were tattooed up. Certainly, if you are an offbeat bride, I'm sure you'd have no problem wearing a flapper dress, as your wedding dress right?

Anyway I'll let the flapper photos do the talking:


Flapper Stotesbury Mansion Philadelphia, Pa

We've got a ton more vintage flapper photos after the break!  So read on...

1920s card playing women by Allebach Photography

Flapper Smoking by Allebach Photography




Flapper with Gloves

Flapper Putting On Gloves


Billards Playing Flapper by Allebach Photography

Flapper Smoking Pool



1920s women smoking tattoos

Flapper Sitting


Old Elivator with Flapper






Flapper in Chair




2009 Wedding Couple Dan and Jade stopped by for a few engagement photos at the Stotesbury Mansion. This is my favorite.

Please Note: If you are wondering where the wedding photos are - you can find them at http://www.allebachphotography.com . For wedding and engagement information email us at weddings@allebachphotography.com or call 610.539.6920 .


Brandi said...

Stinking awesome. Not only do I love tattoos (tattooed girls rock!) but I love vintage fashions. hot!!

Bekah said...

i want to see more of marley (was that her name?) she looks great in those 2!

Nicole said...

Amazing Job Mike. You are talented and I love your pics!