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Announcing Evan Pierce & Caleb Michael Allebach

We were scheduled to leave for a mini vacation Friday morning but instead we were blessed with the arrival of Evan Peirce & Caleb Michael at 10:55 and 10:56 about 2 months earlier than expected. They weigh in at a mere 3lbs 12ozs - little guys. They are expected to take 5 weeks in the Level III NICU over an hour from our home. Take a look at a few photos from the first 2 days of their life.

Caleb Michael (Above)

Evan Peirce (pictured above)

(Grandma sees the twins for the first time)

(Rachel sees the twins for the first time)

Under the Light Treatment

Twins-6 by Allebach Photography.

(The Blue Man Group Aka Light Treatment)

Elijah visits

The hospital at night


Italianissima said...

Mike, Rachel & Elijah...congratulations on your newest additions. They are big babies for 30.5 weeks...amazing! You are in our thoughts and prayers...keep us posted on your progress!
love, baby Simon, dan and paola

Julia Spencer said...

They are so precious! Congrats on your little blessings. ;) Our prayers are with you during this time. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the pics Mike, thanks for posting! - Andrea

Kerry said...

Congrats Mike & Rachel. I like the picture of Elijah's visit :) I hope & pray that the next 5 weeks goes well in the NICU. You are blessed!

Kerry, Shaun, and all the boys

Dave Gerhart said...

Congrats Mike and Rachel!!! They are beautiful...what little fighters! Please know that we understand what you are going through, we were just in your shoes months ago. Let us know what you need!

The Roqué Family said...

Our blessings to the entire Allebach family. We're keeping you in our prayers and we're here if you need anything. Lots of love to all of you : )

Stacey Halstead said...

Hello Mike! This is Stacey of Create The Moment (Jamie and Frank's Wedding Coordinator). I looked on your site for their photos, and saw your wonderful announcement! Congratulations to you and your wife - your babies are beautiful. Many Blessings- Stacey