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Hi! I'm Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography. I believe there is a reason you landed here. I tend to draw in some of the most creative couples.
People feel comfortable with me. On your wedding day you will feel calm as I capture YOU being yourself!

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Chelley & Dave's Huntingdon Valley Wedding

EDIT 1/5/2010: Here is a note they sent along:

Mike and his sidekick for the day, Erik, literally had to row into our wedding, but did so with smiles and laughs (even after I was found sleeping behind the couch in the bridal suite). They followed us around with some awesome candids and had some amazing ideas for the artistic side, too!

The engagement session was epic, as well, adding our goofy side and Mike's great eye for location and lighting. If there was one good thing to say about Allebach Photography, I'd be lost... because you can't find just one great thing- there's a million and one.

From the moment you meet Rachel and Mike, the ever dapper punk rocker Elijah (haven't met the twins), and Lady, you are welcomed into a whole new world of wedding treatment- they care about your wedding, your groom and even answer all of Mom's questions.
If they don't have your date available, wait til they do. "Worth-it" doesn't describe the full spectrum of their service and friendship.

P.S. There aren't enough stars in this rating system!
Thank you a billion and one times!!
Chelley and Dave Martinka
Chelley and Dave - what can I say. My weddings this year have been amazing and Chelley & Dave did not let me down. The day started out with rain. Not light rain I think it's raining outside - no, more like a hurricane came through and dumped 5 billion gallons on this town. With all the closed roads in the Willow Grove area I almost ended up taking a boat. The wedding was held at the Huntingdon Valley Country Club in Huntingdon Valley, Pa . That was the plan all along (cough, cough). As the day went on the weather slowly cleared up for outdoor photos - as any PA wedding photographer will tell you this has been the year of rain :(.

Enough talk about the weather; Chelley and Dave rocked Chucks, Fun Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, the Dance Floor and the Huntingdon Valley Country Club. I ain't lying. For proof, look at the photos below.

Getting ready for the day.

Groom and his men

Sexy belt buckle.

Humidity + Mohawk = Must use more superglue in a spray can.

The bridesmaids were too much fun.

The dress shot

The getting ready shot


tattooed bride

tattooed wedding party

this is love

wedding photography fisheye
Getting all fishy eyed.

breaking the glass
3rd times the charm.

wedding couple
Hawt couple

groomsmen photo
Dave's groomsmen can and will take you down.

hot wedding photo
Let's not show this one to the parents

wedding chucks
Chucks at a wedding. CUSTOM f'n CHUCKS.

Foot fetish

Strong bride

no comment

Foot fetish #3

enchanted forrest

Bridal party in chucks

Proud Son, Proud Mom

Normal Photobooth Debauchery

Debauchery Revealed

Dance to Social Distortion

Social Distortion - I wish I could remember what song but any wedding that play Social Distortion is AMAZING.

Fisheye Self Portrait of Eric Matey, Mike Allebach + Chelley & Dave (Philadelphia's Most Professional Photographers Wink Wink)
A special thanks to Eric for shooting with me!


Jenny J Seattle Wedding Photographer said...

So much fun. I love your style. I try to bring my inner goofball out as well. Rock on!

Jessie said...

Have I ever mentioned how amazing you guys are? Because you're absolutely fabulous.

Tracy Miller Memphis Wedding Photographer said...

Wow..great site! You guys have some killer photos. It's awesome to see other wedding photographers having so much fun. Your clients must love ya!


Meghan said...

Amazing :)!!!