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Hi! I'm Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography. I believe there is a reason you landed here. I tend to draw in some of the most creative couples.
People feel comfortable with me. On your wedding day you will feel calm as I capture YOU being yourself!

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Help-Portrait Philadelphia

Yesterday, I had a chance to host a giant portrait session with over two dozen other photographers, plus countless volunteers and makeup artists for 114 families (200+people) in Philadelphia.

Now these people weren't brides or models but they were Philadelphia's most overlooked. They shared with us big hearts and beautiful smiles. We gave them portrait sessions and hopefully a sense of beauty.

Photo with one of my beautiful subjects

Stories from photographers:
"one guy told me he hadn't had a picture taken of himself since grade school - now he is in his late 50's." - Gregory Cazillo

"another guy asked for an extra print so he could give one to his Mother and the other to his Grandmother." - Gregory Cazillo

"Admittedly, I was so nervous/intimidated/anxious/anythingbutconfident coming into this. But as the day went on, all of that kind of fell away after meeting the people and seeing their happiness and gratitude for their portraits." - Jennifer Wong

"one man said he hadn't smiled in years and years for a photo. His photo was gorgeous!" - Julia Spencer

"a lady said she had been having a bad day until she got to get her portrait taken." - Julia Spencer

"another man wanted to make sure he could give the portrait away to his mom for Christmas, and make sure the frame he picked out would be something she would like. It made me smile because our gift to him was being gifted back out to another." -Julia Spencer

A special thanks to everyone who made this possible: Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart (for the idea), Plaza Flowers, Nancy Wright (Co-Leader and Marketing for event), Chosen 300 for use of their center, Merdis Foster, Jennifer Wong, Lauren Oppelt, Mike Landis, David Culton, Kevin High, Jeff Cohn, Dean Hettel Jaleel King, John Rozier, Tito Perez, Hillary Shemin, Blake Caldwell, Tracee Smith, Donna Walker, Sandy Edelstein, CJ Harker, Brandi Banta, Gregory Cazillo, Eric Spehr, Julia Spencer Kacey McGowan, Heather Shrigley, Corinne Gries, Bob and Penny Wunder, Pat Heileman, Cheryl Ensinger, Mandy Gebby and Steve Shemin.

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