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Belkin n52te Review for Photographers

Belkin Nostromo n52te SpeedPad - Game pad - 15 button(s)
Belkin n52te Review

So this one is for the 257 photographers who stalk the blog. I really doubt brides read this thing anymore (if you are, you should comment a little more often), I just think it's other wedding photographers (you're not stalking if you leave a comment).

Anyway, if you've talked to me lately and your a photographer, usually after a bit I will start bragging about my Belkin n52te - my best purchase of 2009. It's this little 15 button device helps me process my photos at an amazing speed in photoshop lightroom. I think I bought it for like $75 at best buy several months ago.

When I'm in lightroom, my fingers never touch the keyboard because I have every key I use frequently programmed into my Belkin n52te. So you won't find me pulling my fingers off the mouse to find what keystroke I'm looking for. Believe it or not this can probably save you hours over a few weddings. Every button has become instinctual. I programmed the Belkin n52 from the ground up and tested it for months until finally I landed on the fastest key combos. You should expect as much, since this thing is made for destroying other players in World of Warcraft.

I give the n52te 6 stars out of 5, why? because I can. It is the best little invention for gaming turned into speed demon photo editing...now if I could only take less photos. If you are a wedding photographer who wants to speed up your work and spend more time with people rather than tied to a computer - this is something you can't live without.

To all the brides that just read this nerdy photographer post - sorry.

Want free programming lightroom for the n52te? Just comment below with your email address.


David Culton said...

Hey! nice review. That is a real good idea. I could use something like that!

Dr. John said...

What about nerdy husbands? That thing looks like it rocks.

Jen Cleary said...

the timing on this post couldn't be better... i just ordered mine from amazon last night when i saw the price had dropped.

i can't wait to become a lightroom speed demon too!

please send the lightroom programming to info@jencleary.com

thanks :)

JVL said...

LOVE IT (well I think I do) + not lurking (anymore)

Mike said...

Looks very nice and is definitly much cheaper than Kubota's Speedkeys solution: http://www.kubotaimagetools.com/store/catalog/product_16300_Kubota_RPG_SpeedKeys_cat_277.html

Would like to receive your programming!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers said...

You have to post your email to get the programming :).

Adam said...

Nice Images mate, very nice. Can i get your programming plse, promise I will comment elsewhere on your blog !!


Glad I am not a stalker any more now.

Steve said...

Thanks for the information! Please send Lightroom programming for the Belkin to:
sctin1@comcast.net. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to improve my LR speed with Nostromo:)

kuRa said...

I can't wait to try :)

kuRa said...

Forgot email:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about using the n52te with Lightroom. You seem to have an efficient system at a reasonable cost. I would certainly appreciate your programming. That is a huge work-saver!


Anonymous said...


Just got mine, would like to start developing my own flow not-from-scratch so please post me ur buttonmap