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The Unwanted

For Martin Luther King Day I got together a few photographers and we volunteered by taking photos at different nonprofits in the Philadelphia region. Our last stop was PAWS on 2nd street, the no kill shelter in Old City.

Anyway meet the most unwanted cat in Philadelphia, Smokey.

Hi, I’m Smokey! I have been at PAWS for a FULL YEAR! I would really like to go to a home of my own, but I seem to be the most unwanted cat in the building. I have seen so many of my friends leave, but nobody wants to take me. I have something called Diabetes, but if you adopt me I come with the rest on my insulin, syringes and some food to get you started. The insulin shot sounds scary, but it’s really not! It is a very tiny needle and I barely even notice it. I currently eat wet food only and have a list of different flavors and brands that I can eat.

I would prefer to be the only cat, but wouldn’t mind living in a house with another calm cat. You would just need to make sure that we are fed separately because if I eat the wrong food it will give me an upset stomach. I like being pet (sometimes), but am independent and would be fine being home by myself while you are at work.

Please come and see me. I am a pretty girl (if I do say so myself!)! I would really love to get of this cage and have my chance to have a real home.

More info: http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=12853973


Brandi said...

Awwww poor Smokey!! I hope someone takes her home soon. It breaks my heart to see people ignore special needs kitties. I have been doing photos for a cat rescue for almost two years now and I just love it. Good luck Smokey!

Yvette Gilbert said...

I would love to adopt Smokey... but I live in South Africa :(