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Rock 'N Roll Bride - Amanda & Byron's Lakehouse Inn Wedding

rock and roll bridetattooed wedding couple
I'm super excited to announce Amanda & Byron's wedding at the Lakehouse Inn is being featured on Rock 'n Roll Bride.  Kat from Rock 'n Roll Bride contacted me a few days ago after seeing the wedding preview I posted . She remarked that she loved that tattoos and wanted to know more about the couple - plus find out who made Amanda's wedding dress.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - my clients are amazing.  I think the Allebach Photography style scares away bridezillas, so I'm left with amazing and unique couples.  After the ceremony and the toasts, and speeches, I walk away from each wedding feeling like I got the privilege of seeing a highlight reel of their life.  It's an honor to take photos at each of our weddings. And Amanda & Byron were no different.  Their wedding was nothing short of amazing.  There was something electrifying about the way they interacted. The two of them seemed so comfortable with each other.  At the end of the day I said to my Gene, my 2nd shooter that this was a fun and easy wedding which is code for "I had so much fun it didn't seem like work at all".

The Lakehouse Inn was the perfect wedding venue and the staff was actually polite to the photographers (not to be expected), so kudos to them.  Light streams into each room at the Lakehouse Inn making it perfect to capture the photos I'm looking for. Check out their story and photos from their punk rock wedding at the Rock 'N Roll Bride.

PS. the post at rock 'n roll bride has 40 photos so I don't know if I will post the wedding here, since Kat did such a good job. So go check it out.

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