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Kat Williams - Rock N Roll Bride - 5 Things I Learned While Planning my Wedding

We are starting to branch off the TattooedBride.com site and make it an actual wedding site for tattooed brides!  This will be one of the last posts that land on both pages.  We are taking on interns to write for the tattooed bride site and we'll provide great information on wedding planning for alternative brides.  5 Things will be a segment that industry pros write about their own wedding.  5 Things they learned while planning their wedding.

Without further ado...

Kat Williams - the Rock N Roll bride
5 Things I Learned While Planning My Wedding

photo credit: Emma Case Photography

1. Go with your heart. if you want it - do it!
2. Think of others - although its obviously your day be sure to remember the people that love you and are helping you along the way (with the planning and the relationship) - ie no bridezilla-ness allowed!
3. However much you think you stress about a certain type of flower or shade of napkin in the run up, you really won't care on the day
4. The most amazing feeling in the world is walking down that aisle and seeing your husband to be waiting for you. THAT's what it's all about baby
5. Don't spend money on stupid things you 'think' you should have. no one cares about favors.
6. (i know you only said 5 but this is important!) if you spend money on anything, make it to get the most amazing, incredible photographer. After the wedding is over the photos are what you have to look back on and you'll want to have those memories to treasure forever

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Talley Images said...

I wish everyone understood the value of great photography!

Love the list!