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Coheed & Cambria Loving Couple's Wedding - Barbara & Adam

This Rad Tattooed Couple's Story (As told by Barbara):
I was actually told about Adam by a co-worker of mine that had known him for a while because he was friends with her boyfriend.  We actually met each other for the first time when he came in to visit my friend while we were both working at Hot Topic.  We hit it off, agreed to all meet up later that night, and when he left the store one of the Associates I was working with tried to call "Dibbs" on him.  Clearly, that didn't phase me, and later that night we met up at my favorite local dive bar and have been together since.

Adam proposed during a trip to California, which we had planned to go to a 4-day series of concerts for our favorite band (Coheed and Cambria).  It was very unexpected... I actually thought he was joking and told him "you're kidding me, right?" and told him to get up off the ground, but it was for real, and I said yes.

We posted some of the wedding detail photos here.

Tattooed Bride
Bride Getting Ready
Bridal Earrings
Dad getting ready wedding
Best Dogs at Wedding
Tattooed Bride with Dad
Groom Sees Bride
Bride with Tattoos

First Kiss Wedding
Bride & Groom
Alternative Bride & Groom

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