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The Fate of the Wedding Dress

Will this gorgeous wedding dress get stuffed into the depths of this closet for life?

When asked "Where is your wedding dress?" the most popular responses are, “Hanging in a closet,” or “stuffed in a box under my bed." Why!?! Let’s be honest, throughout the course of history, how many daughters have actually worn their mothers’ wedding dresses? How often do women actually dig out their dream gowns and put them to use?

Trash the Dress sessions provide the opportunity for past brides and grooms to enjoy their pricey wedding attire all over again-without having to worry about the stressors of the ceremonial day. It allows for total creativity and freedom in an atmosphere of choice. Plus, a bonus of the whole experience is having the photos to display and cherish for years to come.

Frequently asked questions about Trash the Dress Sessions:
Do I actually have to trash my dress? Nope. There is the option of getting as crazy and destructive as you’d like, or keeping it as reserved and traditional as you’d like. Besides, in most cases, professionals are able to work out most stains if you are still set on preserving it for years to come.

Where would we have the session?
One of the greatest things about a Trash the Dress session is that it represents you, either individually or as a couple. Picture yourself participating in your favorite activity --biking, mountain climbing, hula hooping, horse riding, snowmobiling, playing with your kids. Okay, now picture yourself doing the same exact thing in your wedding dress…totally amplifies the cool factor. Any location compliments wedding attire. What atmosphere do you love? The beach, a grassy pasture, an amusement park, South Street...the possibilities are endless.

What if my husband has no interest in the session?
Go solo! Or why not grab a bunch of girlfriends, split the costs and have a good old time without your hubbies?

Can we afford to do something like this.?
Some couples who couldn’t afford a solid wedding photographer choose post-wedding day sessions as a means to getting great images for a lower cost. Others look at wedding dress trashing as a fun alternative to paying for a dress to be preserved simply to shove it under the bed or in the closet for years to come.

What will the fate of your wedding dress be? If you would like to put your stowed-away wedding gown to memorable use, contact us at weddings@allebachphotography.com for information regarding a Trash the Dress session.


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