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Sarah and Nicole: Rock a Reception with a House Party Vibe

"Sarah and Nicole wanted to create a total house party vibe -- a six hour dance set, no slow songs, no formalities! When people of grandmother age request "Move Bitch" by Ludacris, you know it's going to be a crazy night." -Tom from Hi-Society Productions

And so they met....
Nicole actually saw me before I saw her. I was face down on a table getting tattooed. Our paths did not cross again until years later, after several milestones occurred in our separate lives fate brought us back together through, of all things, someone she was dating who was a friend of mine. I had just moved back from a stint in San Diego and started hanging out with them. From there the juicy part was us falling in love whether we wanted to or not.

Countdown to the wedding day::

We were 'engaged' for 7 or so days. We decided to go for our civil union license here in NJ on a Friday-ish, applied for the license Monday and were in the courtroom Friday afternoon. Our reception was 6 months later.

Free advice!
CALM DOWN, its all going to work itself out. Our banquet manager changed mid planning and what seemed like the worst timing ever turned out to be no big deal. Lay back, relax and enjoy the time. It's such a wonderful time in life ... enjoy it.

The wedding day headliner~

The highlight of the actual day was signing our license. The highlight of the reception was looking around the dance floor, realizing we were surrounded by all those we love most in this life and seeing them smile along with us.

I think what most represented us as a couple was our choice of first dance. We started with "isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder because Nicole's father who has passed used to sing it to her when she was a little girl. But the music quickly switched to "Push it" Salt n Pepa, "Kiss" prince, "Poison" Bel Biv Devo. We are laid back, fun and awesome. We didn't want to waste any time getting to the dance floor so we set the bar high right away for our guests as we try to do with every endeavor in our lives.


No mishaps besides 46 degree weather, other that it was wonderful and we would like to do it every 6 months.

Location: Latitudes on the River
Florist: Birch & Burlap
Music: Hi-Society Entertainment
Hair: Studio Salon



Michelle said...

I have been to more wedding receptions than I care to admit. Some good, some even great but NEVER have I had so much fun and danced from the minutes the brides walked in until about an hour after the house lights came on! What an absolutely amazing night, filled with love, happiness, friends and family but best of all KICK ASS MUSIC AND PICS! Thank God for these amazing pictures of candid shots throughout the evening. Having almost never left the dance floor I didn't get to see most of what was going on throughout the night! WHAT AN AMAZING JOB!

Nikki Ro said...

Oh I love these pics! The brides are gorgeous and the reception looks like the best night of everyone's lives. Plus the lady on top of the table... I mean what more can you ask for!