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Jef and Jen: Wed and Trash the Dress at Historical Locations

Jef and Jen captured an absolutely romantic wedding day: Gorgeous bride, pristine dress, charming groom, grand staircase, bouquets of roses... to top it all, of the elegant architecture of the Masonic Temple, built in 1873.

Their trash the dress session captured the same romance; this time, with the architectural background of the historical Eastern State Penitentiary (completed in the 1820s).

Jef speaks...

And so they met...
"As much as we may not like to admit it, we met at a bar. I had seen Jen a few times and something about her caught my interest. We actually went to the same high school, and had a lot of mutual friends, but somehow didn't know each other. After seeing her out a few times, I finally had the courage (liquid courage, that is) to talk to her. I couldn't think of anything good to say, so I showed her my cell phone and asked, "Why aren't you in here?" I'm still not sure why, but she took my phone and added her number..."

Free Advice!
A. Take time off from work. Jen and I were lucky to get one day a week off together. The year before our wedding, we were always crunched for time while trying to visit locations, florists, venues, etc... we probably should have taken a week off together.
B. Don't try to do everything! There are a lot of things you can do to save money and make it your day. However, some of those things end up being more work than they might be worth. For instance, we decided to make our own invitations, (and table numbers, and place cards, and stamps, and a candy buffet) which we loved, but the ridiculous amount of time that we spent gluing rhinestones and ribbons could have probably been spent more productively. (Exhibit A)
C. Use a cool printing site like zazzle.com to make stickers for guest bags or in our case, lollipops. (Exhibit B)
D. Rent a photo booth. Jen searched high and low to find a reasonable vendor with a good product. Shifoto even used our photo on their site.
E. Hire Allebach Photography! (editors interjection: no, we did not bribe them to say this!)
F. Oh, and relax and have fun... Something will go wrong, it'll be ok.
The Wedding Day Headliner~
The highlight of my day was making my best friend my wife. Collectively, we would have to say it was seeing everything that we had been working on all year come together.
Technically, it all represented us, because we made or designed just about everything there. From our black table coverings with white and black damask runners, to our checkered and polka-dotted cake, it was totally our style. Classic, but modern, or something like that.
Ceremony: Masonic Temple of Philadelphia
Reception: Hilton Philadelphia Airport
Florist: Flowers By Dante DJ: One2One Productions (James Fields at one2one@aol.com)
Photo Booth: Shifoto
Then they got trashed.
Ever since Jen saw photos from an Allebach TTD session, she was hooked. What girl wouldn't want an excuse to wear her beautiful wedding gown again, especially without the pressure of trying to keep it pristine? We chose Eastern State Penitentiary because we loved some of the photos we had seen on Allebach's blog. There's also something kind of creepy, in a cool way, about taking photos that represent your love for each other in a place with such dark history.
~First, the Wedding Day~

~A couple months later....the Trash the Dress Session~

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