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KJ and Christian: You won’t believe the outcome of this Engagement Session

Don’t they just look like the nicest people you’d ever want to meet? 

What is he looking at?

Oh, this jolly guy.  You would look too.

Okay, his focus back on his beautiful fiancé…

True love for sure...

(click for the rest of the session and the all out crazy ending...trust me you're gonna wanna see it)

The smiles don’t get more natural than this.

Well, maybe they do.  They are having way too much fun….

Just so long as they don’t cut the session short with a broken bone.

Okay good they are back on solid ground again all safe and sound.

Never mind…back to the danger zone.  Never know what this couple’s gonna do.

So sweet.
Is that a hand puppet?!?   

Who wants to hang out with these guys for laughter therapy?

Uh, oh.  Where did the smiles go? Where is this going? 


A basket o’ fun.

That’s some target.

Great aim!



He would never…..

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Revenge is sweet.

Calling a truce.

Kiss and make up. 

Couldn’t resist the cheap shot.  Shame.

She’s so forgiving.

You guys are a blast! 
Do you and your fiancé want in on an unforgettable engagement experience?  Contact http://www.allebachphotography.com/  …the possibilities are endless.


Shawna said...

I love happy they look and wwesome splash photos of the water balloons too! It looks like it was a fun shoot!

Shawna said...

Wow..I was so excited to comment on your post, I have two too many grammatical errors!

Cat said...

I can't wait til I need a memorial engagment foto session! Cali is a bit far but we will see, Still a great fan of your works and the loving fun fotos you produce!

Cat said...

I love how the colors are in your face. The way you guys capture the love and happiness is remarkable! Still my fav photogs!