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Laurie and Anthony: Backyard Wedding Bash

The color yellow definitely represented Laurie and Anthony and the vibe of their beyond-beautiful- backyard wedding.  The shabby chic details were astonishing, the rain shower didn't damper a thing, and the party lasted through the night!

And now for the details in Laurie's words:

And so they met...
We met at our mutual friend Lucas’ birthday party. I just broke up with a boyfriend 3 weeks before and was moving out of the city back home to save for a house.  Going to this birthday party was the last thing I wanted to do, but birthdays are important, so I went. Unbeknownst to me, my friend had been talking me up to Ant, but I had a boyfriend, so there was no point in us meeting. When it was confirmed that I was coming (and newly single!), Lucas told Ant he had to come out that night. Ant actually had a date, so being the gentleman he is, moved the time up and took the girl out, got her home, and got to the bar to meet me. When he was introduced to me, I thought he was cute but unfortunately I had another guy chatting my ear off. Finally the guy went to the bathroom and while I was about to buy myself a beer, Ant swooped in, bought it for me,  and toasted “Dog lovers of the world unite,” knowing that I was a dog lover (I do still tease him about that cheesy line). Then that other guy came back and he disappeared, much to my dismay.  We eventually got a chance to talk. We hit it off but since I just got out a relationship, I played it cool for a couple months, even though I was totally smitten! We’ve been peaches and cream ever since.
Countdown to the wedding day:
Our engagement was only 10 months. I’m glad we didn’t stretch it out any longer, I really didn’t like having this huge event looming over us for so long. It was more than enough time to plan the best wedding ever.
Free Advice!
My advice would be to just relax. Easier said than done, but it is one day of your life. Do what you can afford, make it a reflection of you and your partner but just know that you will have many more amazing days. Oh, and hire a great photographer, like Mike! When the day is over all you will have are memories and photographs, and you can’t show your memories to your kids!  (AP note: we swear we don’t give discounts for compliments)
The wedding day headliner:
My favorite part of the day was right after the ceremony. Our wedding was outdoors at my parents’ house and moments before I walked down the aisle, it was spitting rain. It held off for the whole ceremony and we even were able get through the receiving line before the sky opened up. We ran to the porch and waited out the rain. That downtime was perfect- it was a few minutes of privacy after becoming husband and wife in front of 150 friends and family members. 
We’re not terribly traditional people. A wedding at a hotel or country club was out of the question, it wasn’t us. We also wanted the party to go all night. Nothing is worse when the lights go on and the music stops and you have to either figure out where to have the after party or go home. Previously, we had decided to have the wedding at the farm down the street from my parents. Unfortunately there was a snafu and we had to change the location (after the invitations went out- ugh). This was 2 months before the wedding, so after going through our options we had decided to have it at my parents. Luckily it’s very rural where they are and they have a lot of property so we were able to take advantage of that.  The party went all night and many of us camped out, which was our vision for the reception. 
Our centerpieces were old bottles and jars with locally grown flowers. I also planted wheat grass in wooden boxes, milk glass vases and metal Jello molds and measuring cups (which looked AMAZING). We both have an appreciation for old things and recycling, so using antique vessels for centerpieces was the way to go for us.
We didn’t officially have wedding colors, but I had a yellow crinoline under my dress and my maid and matron of honor wore yellow-striped dresses.  Nothing is more “June wedding” to me than yellow!!
As I mentioned, we had to move the wedding location two months before the big day. It actually worked out better, I believe, because we did nearly everything ourselves (besides food and setting up the tent), so it was very convenient to have my parents house right there for anything we needed. We just rolled with the punches and the actual day of was perfect (even with the rain storm!).

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