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Karen and Ed Engagement and Wedding: Love Machines

Karen and Ed requested that their engagement session take place at the Ransome machine yard. Read their scandalous office love story below and you’ll know why (okay, more like sweet than scandalous, but scandalous got your attention…).  Wait until you see how they incorporated the influence of machinery into their wedding reception!  Karen, Ed and their bridal party were fabulous group of people who knew how to have fun,  Karen’s beautiful smile and stunning green eyes sparkled all day, and the teal details were exquisite.

 Totally unique engagement picture
(they actually ordered a metal print from us and had their guests sign it at the reception = brilliant idea).

And now for the juicy details in Karen’s words:

And so they met….
Ed and I met 5 years ago while working at Ransome.  He is a mechanic there and I worked in risk management.  He actually called me a snob the first time we talked at an office party!  He said I always walked through the shop with my nose in the air and wouldn't talk to anyone.  We made peace that night and he started asking me about my girlfriend who was at the office party with me.  I gave in and set them up and they dated for a few weeks maybe.  During that time, Ed and I started talking a lot!  He and my girlfriend broke up and we actually became best friends.  Months went by and we got closer and closer.  We would spend hours on the phone at night.  He kept pushing me to take things beyond friendship but I felt weird about it.  Finally one night at another office party (we had a ALOT of office parties at Ransome back then) one of his fellow mechanics pulled me aside and yelled at me telling me I was an idiot for not dating Ed and to just get over myself....I thought for a second, walked over to Ed and kissed him.  The rest is history! Countdown to the wedding day:
Our engagement was 1 year.  We started planning the weekend after our engagement.  
Free Advice!
Make your wedding about you and your fiancĂ©'.  You have to ignore everyone else's opinions and just make it about you as a couple.  You have to try to not worry about everyone else's feelings and making them feel included.  It is YOUR wedding day and so the only people you should worry about are each other.   
The Wedding Day Headliner:
Other than actually marrying my best friend, I think the highlight of our wedding day was seeing all of the people we care about having a blast and partying it up on the dance floor.    
The only mishap I can think of is that the DJ played the wrong version of the song we chose for our first dance.  But at that point we didn't even care, we were blissfully happy and our day was perfect.    
The details that represented us as a couple (there are so many to choose from)… definitely the ceremony because it was sweet but also easy going with lots of laughs, the bobble head cake topper and our entrance on the Big Wheels John Deere tractor. 
The Wedding Day located in New Hope, Pennsylvania

karen details

Caterer/Hall - Cathy Skurdis, Memorable Affairs, cathy@memorableaffairs.com  Occasions, New Hope, PA  http://www.occasionsnewhope.com/
Florist - Suesan, Murphy & Klein Floral Studio, mkfloralstudio@aol.com mkfloral.com
DJBob, On the Move, 215-547-1206, onthemovemobilediscjockeys.com
TransportationCelebration limos, www.celebrationslimos.com


Cat said...

Your fotography makes me want to get married in PA :P but alas my family and heart is in CA, I hope one day I can find a place that sets my heart ablaze that you have to fotograph it :D

Becca said...

Thanks Cat! We have traveled to CA in the past...