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Stephanie and RJ: Intimate, Culturally Infused Wedding

“I am completely blown away! I knew that you and your team would be awesome but...wow! Not only were you (both) so much fun, you captured every moment of our wedding day perfectly, I love the personality in the photos, they are truly priceless. And our guests loved you guys too! It was a wonderful experience, we can't thank you enough! Love all around!” Stephanie

We couldn’t let 2011 end without highlighting at least one more truly amazing wedding.  Stephanie and RJ hit the “intimate wedding” nail on the head.  Every aspect, from the classy Victorian venue to the infusion of  Indian cultural elements reflected warmth and love.
And so they met….
We met at the bar...is there really any other way?! We had both been frequenting the same local bar one summer. We were casually introduced one night by a mutual friend, who happened to be the bartender. After that we didn't run into each other again for months and then in the winter we both found ourselves there again. RJ walked me home, and hasn't left since!
Countdown to the wedding day:
18 months
Free Advice!
Get started early, the big day will be there before you know it! Also, stick to your guns and have the wedding you want as a couple, don't let anyone dictate or push their opinions into the planning.
The Wedding Day Headliner~
RJ: "My highlight of the day was finally putting the wedding bands on!"
Stephanie: "I loved the first dance, we were in our own little world."
For us, it was all about the venue. We had a difficult time in the beginning finding the perfect spot that reflected our love of Victorian/classic style but still felt warm and intimate and could cater to a smaller group. When we walked into Lippincott we immediately knew it would be our place. We had a total of 42 guests in the end, which was right on track of what we were hoping for. It left a very intimate vibe which we loved.
Originally we were going to have 2 ceremonies, one traditional Western and one Sikh. As the planning went underway it was clear that 2 ceremonies in one week would be quite overwhelming. Since RJ's grandmother was traveling from India it was important  to find a way to recognize and incorporate the culture in our current plans.
We decided on doing some henna, because what's a little more ink when you're already covered :) The sari change was a last minute decision, RJ's mom and I had purchased it together last year and I decided to surprise her and the family by changing after dinner. I also loved that while it was traditional dress, it was untraditionally black and white, which tied in well with the Western ceremony.

PS: If you just can't get enough of this couple, take a look at their engagement session.

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waltersawatzky said...

I see why they love you, Mike ...you captured or "got" them! Awesome gallery!

Amy said...

Very nice. Love your wedding work.

Pangea Catering said...

Incredible idea. The tatoos and henna look great together!

Kevin Walters said...

Love this! The combo of the henna with the brides tattoos looks awesome.

Anna, wedding photographer Scotland said...

i love bride's tattoo! impressive..