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Magical Garden Wedding: Maria and Rick

Unique Philly Wedding
Most brides envision their wedding as being magical.  This bride took magic to a new level when she found the Philadelphia Magic Gardens located in the heart of South Street. Maria immediately knew it was the prime venue for her trip to the altar. The phenomenal mosaics and murals by Isaiah Zagar made for inspirational backdrops for the festive occasion.

Words from the bride:
How did you two meet?
We met through mutual friends at a Pittsburgh Pirates game. At the time we were both dating different people, and about a year later we ran into each other and happened to both be single. We exchanged numbers and started dating in about a month. Immediately all of my friends loved him and were so excited I found someone amazing! We moved in together about 9 months later and have had a blast being a couple, best friends, and roommates.
2. How long was your engagement?
We were actually unofficially engaged about 18 months and officially engaged about a year. We were living together and knew we wanted to be each others domestic partner but weren't rushing to the altar. Then we found the Magic Gardens and knew if we were going to get married this was the place and we were going to do it our way. 
3. What is the greatest piece of advice you would give to a couple who is just beginning to plan their wedding?
Keep in mind what you want. You get to do this once so have no regrets about something you want that is special. And if it's some tradition that is not important to you that others are pushing for, stick to your guns you have the last say and you want to be happy with every detail.
4. What was the highlight of your actual wedding day?
Overall, how wonderfully everything came together and how much planning led to a stress free day. My biggest highlight was having all my friends, family, and my husband going crazy on the dance floor!
5. What detail (or details) of your wedding uniquely represented you as a couple?
Big things we focused on were presentation and music. Anything that represented something traditional we replaced or tweaked to something more us...rom the cake toppers, to the bridesmaids headpieces, to the subtle hints of burlap throughout. We also were big on our music. We wanted to equally agree on everything we picked and also have music that most people don't hear at weddings, however keep it enjoyable and fun. We had everything from the Flaming Lips to the Beatles and that was just the ceremony music. Our DJ, from Red Hot Chameleon Entertainment, couldn't have been a better pick, he listened to all our requests. 

Enjoy a sampling of the photos from the day:

Isaiah Zagar

unique wedding venue

Magic Garden Philadelphia

alternative wedding couple

tattooed bride

unique bride and groom

alternative wedding

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