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Bridal Party's Memorable Tattoo Session

Friends + Tattoos = Happiness
You are going to love the photos of this totally unique "Bridal Party Tattoo Session."  Below you can read how their friendship began and the significance of the occasion.  These gals were so much fun that the camera decided to then follow them around the streets of Philly to capture the authenticity of their friendship.  
Let us know if you are interested in having unique and candid photographs taken with your bridal party or that special group of friends that you couldn't live without. 

This is Joyce, the totally cool bride-to-be who conjured up the whole idea....

"We all, on our own, in different cities across the globe and with slim-to-no prior contact with one another, went to see this stupid robot movie several years ago. And then we found ourselves in the same online communities thinking similar thoughts at the same time, about comics and robots and feminism, and then we found ourselves in the same hotel room for ComicCon and almost all died from laughter-induced hernias, and we have basically not shut up since then. We estimate that we have sent each other somewhere upwards of 50,000 emails since 2008. Many of them are about death in space. Some of us decided to commemorate this pretty amazing friendship by getting a bee -- traditionally they symbolize life, unity and inspiration -- permanently inked into our skin. On top of those more traditional meanings, our name for ourselves is "the Hive" (fairly common amongst like-minded people), and some of our bees have arc reactors. Everything about all of this was perfect."

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Your Mom said...

Tattoos Suck. Why put a bumper sticker on a Lambragini.