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Picture-Perfect Curtis Center Philadelphia Wedding and First Date at Monk's Cafe Relived : Lina & Billy

The beauty of wedding photos is that they never get too old.  They don't include an expiration date, or a  "must use by...," warning. They can be enjoyed time and time again, forever and ever. 
We are glad about that because we have a wedding from last summer that we love to enjoy again and again.  This couple is far to cool to not share with the world.  

Lina has graciously shared her fond memories from the engagement session and the wedding day with us.  Enjoy her responses and the pictures to follow.

How did you two meet?
Billy and I initially met [online] a little over [several] years ago, although
Billy refused to admit this to his family and friends for quite some time!
I think he was embarrassed at first of the whole online dating thing. Of
course, he finally caved after a month or two when he realized how awesome
I was. : ) We first exchanged a few silly emails (quoting different quotes from the movie anchorman in every
subject line), and then talked on the phone a few times before our actual
“first date”. It was a chilly Sunday afternoon, the day after St. Patty’s
day.  We met at Monk’s Café in Philly. When I walked in to the restaurant,
I approached Billy from behind while he was seated at the bar, and said
“hey stranger."  Well, we have pretty much been inseparable ever since. As a
matter of fact – I don’t think we have gone one day without speaking to
each other since then. Happy to say that Allebach was able to help us
re-live our first date at monks cafe during our engagement photo shoot. : ) {{See those photos below}}

How long was your engagement?
1 year and 2 months

What is the greatest piece of advice you would give to a couple who is
just beginning to plan their wedding?

Do not take yourself too seriously...it takes all of the fun out of the
planning process.  And always take the time to remind eachother why you are
celebrating this special day.

What was the highlight of your actual wedding day?
Too many moments were simply too amazing to just mention one!
Getting ready with my girls in the bridal suite. The moment Billy and I saw
eachother for the first time. Walking down the aisle with my dad to Ingrid
Michaelson's "Can't Help Falling in Love".  Our first kiss as husband and
wife. the high I felt sitting in a room alone with my husband after the
first 15 minutes of being married. The moment our maitre d brought us over
to see our reception room - my knees actually buckled. The first glimpse at
our gorgeous cake. Our first dance as husband and wife, surrounded by rose
petals.  Our crazy cake fight - we smashed cake in the faces of our best
man and matron of honor!

What detail (or details) of your wedding represented you as a couple?
Our very non-traditional ceremony script. Our processional to John Lennon's
"All you Need is Love".   Billy wearing chuck taylors, and me in fuscia
pink stilettos. Table names were named after our favorite musicians/bands.
Our first dance song - Thank you by Led Zeppelin. Hearing our guests stand
up and sing "love" tunes during dinner, vs the traditional "glass clinking"
in order to see the bride and groom kiss. The decor/ theme - "a mid
summer's night dream"

Luckily we have amazing photos to help us remember all of those
fantastic moments of our special day!

::Engagement session that began at Monk's Cafe and continues around unique Philly locations::

::A few months later...the stunning wedding starting at Loews Hotel in Philadelphia and moving to the Philly Curtis Center ::


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Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

Awesome photography. Very nice post. Keep up the outstanding work....

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

Judith said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love your photography and wish you could photograph my wedding. The only problem is we are having a destination wedding on a cruise ship :(. i hope mine turn out as great though!

Sarah Mitchell said...

Hi! You are extremely talented and creative! These wedding photographs are AMAZING!

Georgia Halpert said...

You're definitely the most talented wedding photographer in Philadelphia - or maybe in the USA for that matter :)

http://www.stunnazine.com said...

Oh my.... these are stunning photographs! Where did you learn to do such amazing work? Or is it just a natural talent?

Jenna said...

The bride is so beautiful... I love the photograph where she looks all surprised. Nicely captured... it looks like it would be straight out of a magazine.

Michelle Harris said...

Very professional looking pictures. I want you to do my wedding and engagement pics when it happens!!!

Deena Brown said...

I used to be a pro modeling photographer and I can honestly say,,, good work my friend. Good work.

Raina said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. What talent! I have never seen such perfect wedding photos.

SugarBelle28 said...

Wow... why can't there be a photographer like you in my town... :(

Jillian Violet Marie said...

I have to be honest... these are seriously PERFECT pictures. Like, if my wedding photos had turned out this nice... I would display them in my home even after 20 years of marriage. Anyone who gets pictures taken this perfectly is lucky. Good job!