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Hi! I'm Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography. I believe there is a reason you landed here. I tend to draw in some of the most creative couples.
People feel comfortable with me. On your wedding day you will feel calm as I capture YOU being yourself!

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The Phoenixville Foundry Wedding Revisited

Recently we received this compliment from one of our unique-to-the-core former brides, 
"Exactly 2 years later and I still believe that I have the absolute best wedding pictures ever. Thanks for being amazing." Caroline

And suddenly we realized..."How in the world did we miss blogging her totally amazing wedding!?!?" It was an absolutely gorgeous summer day, with a gorgeous bride, at a gorgeous church and a gorgeous venue.  And as if that wasn't enough gorgeousness... throw in bagpipes, joyrides, and of course, animal antlers.  See for yourself after reading the totally enjoyable context from Caroline.

How did the two of you meet?
The date:  Rob and I met on a blind date.  We decided to go to dinner near where I lived so we met at the bar in the restaurant.  In order to take some of the pressure off, we both decided to wear flip flops and restrict our conversation to punk rock music (it seemed to be even ground for us).  Unfortunately, being a bit nervous with access to a bar is not always the best situation.  We had about 7 pints between us before we even sat down for dinner.  Who knows how much Rob had before I got there!  By the time that dinner rolled around, we weren't even hungry and continued to drink and then ordered port (apparently just because it was offered to us by the waitress).  He found out that I played bagpipes and was sold.  I made a Pony Boy reference and he commented on it - it was love at first pint!  We then went out to the parking lot and made out.  We started in my car, but then had to switch to his because he felt like he needed to be in the actual driver's seat.  Fortunately we made out for approximately forever and the alcohol wore off so we could both drive home.  

How did the proposal happen? 
The proposal:  I ran a half marathon in May of 2009.  The night after the race Rob asked if I wanted to go out for a bit.  No.  Didn't I want to go out to dinner?  No way.  Out for ice cream?  Hell no.  I was trying to explain to him that I couldn't walk back up the stairs to put on pants so he was shit out of luck and had to eat the dinner that I was making.  He then got down on one knee, took the potholder off of my left hand and proposed.  It was terribly romantic - me in front of the stove, his knee in spaghetti sauce, my right hand still in a pot holder, all while wearing fish printed jammie pants from Target.   

What are 5 things you've learned while planning your wedding? 
The five things I learned:  
1.  Write thank you notes.  Wedding planning is sucking up your life.  Your friends and family may be making it a bit easier on you.  Send them a thank you note.
2.  Stick to your guns.  I designed our centerpieces - mad hatter top hats with antlers on each side.  Rob and his friends provided the antlers and our friend Vince figured out how to secure them to the hats.  My mom hated them.  Beyond hated them.  Tried to convince me to get flowers instead.  Too bad.  The centerpieces were a huge hit and people were fighting to take them home.  After the wedding I received a note from her telling me that she was wrong and that I was right.  Guess what is now framed on my wall.
3.  Stop looking at the internet.  Other people don't have better ideas than you; you just think so because you can see their final product.  Don't get sucked into how nice it would be to give everyone a personalized jar of jam with your wedding date embossed on a gold leaf-shaped label.  You aren't getting married in a country field, you don't know how to can and you hate all things peach!  That jam might be awesome, but it isn't you (or if it is you, you would have thought of that idea all on your own).  
4.  DIY is not for everyone.  I wasn't crafty before I got engaged and that ring on my finger did not have secret powers.  It sucks to pay for things, but it sucks even more to be in a crying heap on your living room floor because you can't make your craft project exactly the way you want it.  Don't feel guilty.  Feel liberated that you handed the task off to someone who can actually complete the project.    
5.  Drive yourself everywhere - ALONE.  My reception venue required everything to be brought in for the day.  I went there to make sure that everything was working according to the contract.  Then I sat myself down, cracked open a beer and made sure that I had completed everything that I needed to do for that day.  When I was done, I got back into the car and drove myself home while blaring my punk rock cocktail hour CD to be played at our reception.  Don't feel like the masses need to accompany you everywhere you go - unless you want them to!

Now time to relish in the photos!

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